Orlita Series


ORLITA is one of the world leading manufacturers of intelligent dosing technology.


We design and produce reciprocating positive displacement pumps which encompasses the liquid delivery, measurement and control within one machine.


ORLITA metering pumps are motor-driven reciprocating pumps of controlled volume type.




ORLITA metering pumps are equipped with robust and proven crank drives. Two different series are available. Both are of positive return type and guarantee a reliable operation of the total pump aggregate. The stroke length is adjustable both during operation and stationary - manually or optionally electric or pneumatic.

The stroke is infinitely variable from zero stroke to maximum stroke. The actual setting can be read from a counter or mechanical display. Multi-ganged units are built up by the combination of equal as well as various crank drives sizes.


Crank drives series S


Crank drives of series S are used for all ORLITA plunger type and diaphragm metering pumps. The various sizes allow a modular combination of different pump heads to an economic solution. The crank drives of series S do not have internal reduction gears. Different stroke frequencies are achieved by using external reduction gears. Especially with multi-headed aggregates a high efficiency is yielded.


The stroke adjustment of the crank drives type S is achieved by a lever mechanism with a constant bottom dead center. This characteristic offers advantage especially for high pressure applications.


Except for the crank shaft the lever mechanism only has swiveling components where by a wear-resistant operation and a high overload safety is guaranteed.


Crank drives series Rb


Crank drives of series Rb are designed to operate the valveless plunger metering pump DR. The special construction of the crank mechanism combines two movements:

Reciprocating Movement (piston stroke)

Rotation (control of inlet and outlet)

An internal worm gear reduces the speed of the drive motor to the stroke frequency of the pump.




  • Stroke adjustment 0 - 100% in operation and stationary
  • Easy to combine
  • High efficiency
  • Positive return mechanism
  • Electric and pneumatic stroke adjustment available
  • Proven, robust and reliable


Mf diaphragm metering pump with hydraulic double PTFE diaphragm

Mh diaphragm metering pump with hydraulic stainless steel diaphragm

PS plunger metering pump with stuff box plunger

DR valveless plunger metering pump


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